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Arriving Spring 2019


We’re taking baby steps to fill a need that has been forgotten in a world of hyper-polarization and over-political ideas. Women have become political pawns in the world of corporate-owned conglomerates.

Stop telling us who to be!

Most magazines are constantly programing us how to live, be, and do. They tell us what color to wear, what skirt is cool, what jeans are acceptable, what books to buy, what diet to try and who we’re supposed to be. They talk at us, instruct us, and, ultimately, they limit us. All these instructions tend to make us question ourselves and, for some women, their self-confidence takes a big hit. Who needs that?

It’s Time to Listen to Women.

SO…We’re building a magazine that’s rooted in a woman’s confidence, creativity, and common sense. It’s not about perfection or fitting into someone else’s idea of the ideal woman. It’s about reality. Women needed a magazine that gives them a platform to talk back to a world that constantly instructs us, (as if we’re stupid) but rarely (if ever) listens to us.

Accede Magazine isn’t a corporate bully but, instead is being built by the grassroots, pulled up by the bootstraps, and plans to soar with its own wings.

The word “Accede” means to join, as in become a member of a community or organization. We hope you’ll join us. We’re interested in humor and having fun. We’re interested in celebrating being feminine and flirty without giving up honor and respect. We’re interested in gritty truth and stark observations.

Accede is powered by the wise women found in mid-life and above but it’s for all women.

Join us and help reshape a new, fabulous culture. We’re ready to do the instructing for a while.

Accede Magazine Talks Back.

Because our daughters and granddaughters depend on us.

We’re the wild and wise women who can help light their path.

We’re Rosie’s Daughters and we’re an unstoppable voice!


Coming in spring 2019