Editor In Chief and Founder, Nancy Mac is an Internationally Award-winning Photographer, Writer, Poet, and a mature Model. Nancy is one of two women in the world to win Communication Arts Magazine - Award of Excellence in Photography in both 2013 and 2015. Her work has also been twice recognized in Creative Quarterly Magazine. She has a book entitled Winged Soul on Amazon that has received amazing reviews; one of which makes her cry whenever she reads it. She is the single mother of a disabled child and she’s a survivor of cancer, childhood abuse and sexual assault. Nancy is 59 years old, a spiritual soul, and a warrior for truth. She’s never really found a woman’s magazine that speaks from the perspective of Being a Woman. Most of them just want to talk AT women and instruct us on the right way to fit into boxes with neat little labels.

Women have something to say and we’re tired of all the instructions.

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