The Kintsugi Fashion Collection


Talking with Miriam Grunhaus, the founder & designer of Mikah Fashion.

When Life Gives You Lemons…you make lemonade. You also grind the lemon peel, find the seeds, and then you plant a lemon tree.

Sadly, some women do not overcome their hardships. They just sustain them. Then there are those that not only survive but they use their hardships and, whatever broke them, to forge beautiful, new lives.

Survivors that, metaphorically, mend their breaks with gold. They don’t hide their history of wounds because they know those scars are badges of honor for a life well lived. They also want to inspire and strengthen other women to be kinder and more loving to themselves. Such women are a special type of wise women, not despite their circumstances but because of them.



#WeAreKintsugi was born

After going through personal hardships, times of tremendous sadness, and heartbreak, I looked deep into my life and realized a few things:

1. I needed to give myself the permission to be happy again.

2. Hardship doesn’t get to define me. How I will fix it and what I will do defines me.

3. I can focus on myself or I can think big and commit to help women. All women.

At Mikah Fashion, we were designing clothing but we weren’t telling our story. I was not feeling fulfilled and needed to tell my “Why” through my clothing. I also needed to create something that would be a catalyst of tremendous goodness. So, we decided to use our latest collection to spread the Kintsugi message. Through it, we are inspiring women who are currently going through difficult times. Mikah Fashion strives to give women hope, a platform, and a tribe, while providing stunning garments, which will make them feel what they truly are: Unique, Strong, and Beautiful.

We are better together!

It’s that simple. Suffering alone increases the pain exponentially. Having a supportive community is half way to recovery. Knowing you are not alone, being validated, and supported without judgement is crucial to anyone who is currently "swimming against the tide." It allows them find the strength to begin again through the example of others.

Mikah Fashion also recently launched the “We Are Kintsugi” blog. The blog will be a series of interviews with women who went through hard times and succeeded. Today, they are joyful despite and because of it all. They have taken their tragedies and turned them into triumphs.

Miriam Grunhaus, the fashion designer and creative director of Mikah Fashion, also describes the lessons she learned from her interviews with these exceptional women. The objective for the blog component and the Facebook page is to give hope that better days are yet to come. That one day, you may just even be thankful to have had these hardships.

The updated clothing line embodies the Kintsugi art form. This Japanese tradition teaches us that brokenness is beautiful. When a ceramic object breaks, it is pieced together and repaired with gold to honor the history of the piece. The result is a new creation, more beautiful and valuable because of its story. Each new creation is unique, exquisite, and prized.


What a significant perspective! We take our inspiration from that concept. Mikah's collection celebrates women who are proud of their scars and imperfections. These women inspire others to mend their brokenness and heal. The Kintsugi Collection is much more than clothing. It has a meaningful message that creates community, authenticity, and strength.

Our attire is exceptionally made for exceptional woman. Mikah Fashion uses soft and stretchy fabrics that are comfortable on the skin. Many of our styles are extraordinarily versatile. Most of our pieces can be worn in different ways, making them

the perfect travel companions. More importantly, our adaptable selections transform and allow the individual to find the right way to wear them for their body type and events. Our pieces remind women they are much more than their bodies. They are their stories.

We want women to know that they shouldn’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel. They are the light, and they should light up the tunnel right now.

We hope that the Kintsugi Collection will bring some light, gold, and shine into your life! Mikah Fashion wants to create a friendship, and a meaningful connection. We hope every woman reading this article will join us in spreading the word about our mission! Support us in this big dream and we will support yours!

Suffering doesn’t discriminate between color, religion, age, size, or ethnicity. Neither should we. We should bond together and help each other be the best that we can be. As we are planting our lemon tree, we should all take turns to water it and give it the love and care it needs to flourish.


The Steps to a Personal Kintsugi:

The search for your own Kintsugi of healing....for joy.

Here is one way to Burnish the Gold:

1. Be grateful. Write down on a daily basis what makes you grateful.

2. List what you can give to others with your talents and skills.

3. Find the need within your local community.

4. Discover people who share the interests of giving and loving.

5. Build your community and your chosen family.

6. Become part of something bigger.

7. Together, do for others. Do it just because.

8. Be vigilant for new chances of doing good.

What Joy is Not....

It is not constant. You will cry and be disappointed. The journey is not easy and you will have to keep reminding yourself of your goals and what is the right path. When life leads you astray, because it will, your objective will be to find the way back. Return to your path without putting yourself down but with self-love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Joy is hard to describe. I promise that you will know it once you have found and achieved it. You will need to cherish and cultivate it every single day. Joy is a work in progress, just as you are a work in progress.

Once you have it, you will know that you made the impossible become the possible. You will have a life of meaning in a crazy, confusing world because an authentic life in a world of lies and deceit is priceless. When you are of service your heart will sing, and your eyes will smile, and you will be joyful.

Now that we've told you our story, tell us yours! If you have a story of triumph over tragedy and would like to be interviewed for our blog, please email sales@mikahfashion.com to schedule an interview time.



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