Photography Guidelines

Send us photos

Because some people think sending email scams and pictures of their wieners to us is an original and daring thing to do, we’ll have to ask you to to go to our contact page and send us a link to your images. If you don’t have a website or portfolio, you can upload them to https://imgur.com/

What do we think of Photoshop?

We have an entire policy on Photoshop. Read it here. The short version is … we like it.

We also have a Product and Fashion Posing guide on Pinterest that will help you think about the kinds of shots you want to contribute.

What kind of pictures?

For the quarterly feature on America: The images must be dramatic and express the beauty of the places we live or visit.

For regular features to accompany an article or submission: The images must convey the essence of the written piece.

For fashion and style: the images cannot be Smart Phone Selfies. These are too small and the lens often distorts the background too much.

  • Many Photographers will collaborate with you if they can obtain a magazine credit. Ask them!

  • Please never use stock photography.

  • You must have the rights to all photography or the owner must supply the usage rights for our publication. In the case of photographic work where an individual is recognizable, Accede is not responsible for obtaining, on her/his part, written authorization for publication; this responsibility rests with the author or the photographer.

  • The images you send to us for featured articles should not have logos or other advertising text.

  • The images supplies to us cannot have been used in current or former advertisements or on your own social media pages for your company or product.

  • Images you supply to Accede are specifically intended for your feature in Accede magazine and will not be used for any other purpose beyond website display, social media and/or other marketing for the magazine.

  • As the author or photographer you warrant all text, quoted material, and illustration copyrights.

  • Photographers must have and keep model releases for all recognizable people in each photo or video (signed by all the adults who appear in the photo and/or by the parents or legal guardians of all the children photographed).

  • Please have your photographer provide a copy of your model release with your media submission.

  • The app store has adequate model release apps. We like and use Easy Release and we can help you should you have questions.

  • Images should be 300 dpi. Submit high-resolution photos as JPEGs (RGB or Srgb)

  • We suggest you use the free section of wetransfer.com to send the final files via email.

Please complete the Contributor’s Contract here:

We have more contributor guidelines here.