Volunteers and Interns Only


These are all Ground-floor, Volunteer Positions!

Publication Editor

Managing Editor

The editor is the top editorial person who guides the contributors. She works to develop each issue’s editorial theme, working with the other editors to finalize specific stories, angles and sources. The editor may or may not write articles, but reviews all articles for content before they are published. The editor often has subject expertise and contacts that allow her to shape an article’s direction with the writer, down to recommending sources of information, such as industry research, organizations and sources.

Editorial Assistant


Department editors will send final articles to the Proof Editor. Proofing entails looking for objective errors, such as typos and grammatical errors. Story and line editing consists of improving the copy by rewriting sentences to make them flow better, organizing content to make the piece more logical, removing information that’s not necessary, returning to the editor to ask for more information or editing to make sure an article fits in the allotted space.

Ad Sales Agent

Needed By March 2019

Advertising sales agents spend their working days selling media space to businesses, mostly over the phone. To succeed as an ad sales agent, you'll need to have good communication and sales skills, combined with a determined and dogged personality. Must be able to handle rejection without crying or yelling.