Editorial Guidelines


Accede Magazine is powered by real women with real lives. We’re not celebrities, or royals, or hollywood moguls. We’re women with something to say.

The work in Accede is being curated to awaken a gut level response in our readers. We want our readers to think, feel, and marvel in the ah-ha moments of life. Mid-life women power Accede but it’s not a magazine about mid-life or aging. In fact, we rarely mention anyone’s age. We do that because the world has gotten so segmented people have stopped hearing one another. We’re all in tiny echo chambers. Since you’re one of Rosie’s Daughters, we think your voice is VITAL. We think you need to be heard and respected for your insight.

Mid-life women are amazing and, every single day, our song is rocking with the wisdom we have learned. Think of Accede Magazine as a quarterly handbook for life. Show the reader how you obtained your pride, your independence, your success, or joy. Share your passion, your soul, and your laugher.

At this time, we are too new to offer monetary compensation for your contribution BUT ... Being a contributor does mean, however, that you’ll get a by-line and can add a credit to your resume or press notices for your blog. You’ll be credentialed as a published writer or photographer, and perhaps more importantly, a valid, respected mentor for women of all ages.

When you submit your work for publication, please complete the Publishing Agreement Here. It specifies copyrights, permissions, and things that make the lawyers happy.


Our Editorial Sections

We are actively looking for Volunteers to be the official Editorial Editors of each section below. Editors will work directly with the artistic contributors for their section. Contact us for more Info one what is needed.

Our Deadline for the 3rd quarter is October 15th 2019. The topics are Seasonal (Autumn and Holidays) along with the theme of Determination.

Our deadline for the 4th quarter is January 15th 2020. The Topics are seasonal (Winter and Valentines) along with the theme of Grace.


The articles in Accede are called The Muses and here is where we showcase your brilliant contributions. Each edition of Accede will feature up to 7 writers, usually midlife authors, but not about midlife or aging. Focus outward on ALL life and ages from the perspective of your mind-blowing experiences and the extraordinary life you have lived, so far.

We cannot reuse previously posted or mundane blog posts in The Muses. This is the one to put your heart and mind into.

Amazing pictures must accompany your article. We prefer that you supply them if you can include high-quality images, however, we may be able to supply appropriate images, depending on the topic. Email us if you have questions. We cannot use stock photography. We suggest that you collaborate with a photographer or an artist who may be able to help you add incredible images to your remarkable words. Please see the Photography Guidelines below for additional instructions.


If you’re producing work to submit to our Fashion section, we need high quality fashion shots. All of our fashion work features mid-life women.

Send us something more than a pose of a model staring at the camera in an everyday outfit. Remember, there is a difference between a blog shot that is meant to show the garments for sale, and a fashion shot that is meant to show the utter style the viewer will have.

MODELS: As a Mid-life model, remember, you are fabulous and we want to show it. Remember you’ve been slaying your personal style daily for years! This is your showcase! We also love humorous fashion drama and it’s okay to let your gawky inner diva catch her crown in mid-air. So, put a little extra icing on your cake and make your everyday outfit sing, spin, laugh, show frustration, twirl, leap, scold, reach, stride, kick butt, and … you get the idea. Show emotion. Even sadness can make an amazing fashion shot.

We have a Pinterest board to help give you ideas. And while you’re there, are you following us?


Lovely is our little slice of lovely things. It can be a person, place, or thing. A garden, a room, a child, a face, beauty products, skin products, a story, or whatever you find is simply lovely or that helps to generate a lovely corner of life. A classic quote or explanation is also required. Photos to include: products, face close ups, evocative, come hither, or settings in lovely places. What ways do you find lovely things to add to your life? Do you think it matters? We cannot use stock photography. Any smart phone images MUST be razor sharp and well lit. The Lovely section also includes our Beauty page. Hair, make up, nails, skin and all the parts of physical beauty.


Accede believes art is essential. We are active supporters of artists and the arts, and we revel in the talent and creativity that exists in and around the art world. In this section, we’ll feature guest artists and listen as our readers navigate curating their own art collection. Share your art collection or favorite pieces. We cannot use stock photography. Any smart phone images MUST be razor sharp and well lit.


Included in this section is the Pictorial photography on the beauty of the USA’s amazing landscapes. You can submit an entire feature or one photo for inclusion. All photos must be shot in the USA and can not feature people as the main component of the work. The work should feature a natural environment rather than a city scape or urban perspective. Show us your view of oceans, mountains, plains, rivers, forests, or unique features in your corner of the USA. Too many people have forgotten how beautiful it is from sea to shining sea.


This section is all about the things women do, some of which is unexpected. It can be new business ventures, sports, cars, travel, journeys, clubs, or almost anything that women do. This section is about action, accomplishments, goals, collections, and the myriad real things that women like to do. What do you do?


At Accede, we think reading is becoming a lost art that should be saved. We think books should line shelves and be stacked by bedside tables and comfy reading chairs by the fire. This section is about authors, writers, favorite books, and neat places we love to read. Tell everyone what are the best and worst books you’ve read. Send us photos of your library or your reading nook. We cannot use stock photography. Any smart phone images MUST be razor sharp and well lit.


This corner of Accede is the part where we are unashamedly romantic and girly. It’s about love and the shivery feeling you get. It’s about falling in love, great engagements, long term marriages, short-term encounters, prince charming, love stories, and sad lost loves. This can include a romantic place, a room, a table, a dress, or a story. Romance happens in as many ways as there are hearts and we want to hear or see as many as we can. This world needs more hearts and flowers.


This is our food section. Most of us are not brilliant chefs and don’t want to become one. Yet, all of us prefer yummy food that’s fast, easy, and healthful. This is the section where we discuss our kitchens, pots and pans, appliances, and the food we put in them. Also, we like a lot of humor with our dishes. What’s your best? What about the worst? Do you write notes in your cook book?


Cool things you’ve learned about handling money. Small business, loaning money to your children, and when is money important and when is it not? Problems? This is something that helps everyone so spread the knowledge you’ve acquired. This section is coming in 2020.


What feeds the soul? Does it matter? Is Church really important? Is faith easy? What do you wish people knew about having faith in something bigger than yourself? Have you seen a ghost? Have you been touched by an angel? Do you think it’s all nonsense?


Funny stories, quips, amusing tales, bawdy, naughty, and the things that make women laugh so hard tears run down their legs. Because life sparkles when laughter decorates the mind. Tell us what makes you laugh.


  • ACCEDE MAGAZINE’S audience consists of professionals, wise/wild women, and powerhouse Matriarchs. They all have finely developed BS detectors. The level of difficulty of articles should be set accordingly with specific, concise, and accurate information. You are welcome to discuss your topic idea with the editorial staff prior to article submission. Length may range from 300 to 2,500 words for features and 50 to 150 for blurbs.

  • ACCEDE does not endorse/allow affiliate links, commercial products, services, or individuals offering services. Articles should reflect this objectivity and encourage learning, sharing, and life mastery rather than publicizing commercially available products or services.

  • ACCEDE retains the right of acceptance or rejection and the right to edit any submissions. Occasionally, the editor and/or the ACCEDE editorial board determine that articles submitted do not meet association publication and editorial standards. In these cases, every attempt is made to provide a review process to assist in article revision.

  • ACCEDE generally publishes only original articles that have not been published in other mediums. The Author warrants text, quoted material, and illustration copyrights.

  • Articles should be typewritten and submitted, preferably as an MS Word document, via e-mail. Please contact us for the correct email address. Also we prefer the Chicago Manual of Style over the AP Style. We love the Oxford comma.

  • Include your name, company name, address, telephone, and business title with your article, as well as bio about yourself and/or your company. Include a high-resolution headshot photo (no less than 300dpi/ppi).

  • Publication of an article after the manuscript deadline cannot be guaranteed.


  • Please never use stock photography.

  • You must have the rights to all photography or the owner must supply the usage rights for our publication. In the case of photographic work where an individual is recognizable, Accede is not responsible for obtaining, on her/his part, written authorization for publication; this responsibility rests with the author or the photographer.

  • The images you send to us for featured articles should not have logos or other advertising text.

  • The images supplies to us cannot have been used in current or former advertisements or on your own social media pages for your company or product.

  • Images you supply to Accede are specifically intended for your feature in Accede magazine and will not be used for any other purpose.

  • As the author or photographer you warrant all text, quoted material, and illustration copyrights.

  • Photographers must have and keep model releases for all recognizable people in each photo or video (signed by all the adults who appear in the photo and/or by the parents or legal guardians of all the children photographed).

  • Please have your photographer provide a copy of your model release with your media submission.

  • The app store has adequate model release apps. We like and use Easy Release and we can help you should you have questions.

  • Images should be 300 dpi. Submit high-resolution photos as JPEGs (RGB or CMYK).

  • We suggest you use the free section of wetransfer.com to send large files via email.

Please complete the Contributor’s Contract here: