Our Contributors are the women who power Accede.

All of our Contributors are women somewhere in their mid-life years. They’re from all areas of America and the world. These are women who lead successful lives - who are building, growing, laughing, and dancing as they make their way along life’s paths. They fight, cry, lose, and win. They love. They mourn. They’ve been laughed at, mocked, and hurt beyond words. They’ve stood up to bullies and they’ve sat down with a lonely friend. All of them have been knocked on their fannies more than once but these women … they always, ALWAYS, get back up.

In short, they are exceptional, amazing women.

Are you one of them? Submit your work!

If you’re in Midlife and love your life, you’re probably one of these outstanding women. If you’d like to contribute, we’re currently accepting submissions for the upcoming issues of Accede.

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