Accede is a word that means “Join” as in Join us. If you’re lucky enough to live a long life, you’ll eventually join the ranks of women who are behind this publication. It would be super if you joined us now, instead of waiting. We have a lot to share with you.


this is your magazine.


Hi, I’m the founder and editor-in-chief of Accede Magazine. My name is Nancy Mac.

Women’s magazines have changed in the last few decades. They seem to be filled with negative messages. They point out villains to frighten us. They tell us to fear disease, dating, marriage, divorce, childbirth, and being childless. They point to our diet and hips. They trot out experts hawking books to inform us we don’t know ANYTHING. Then, they tell us what clothing, shoes, and accessories to wear each season. They even tell us what COLOR will be the “it” color each year. Their words hide a message of disparagement and diminishment. They know a woman who feels “less than” will buy a new face cream, a new dress, a new couch, or a new car in order to feel as good as possible. It’s all about the money. 

And that’s why we made Accede.

We just don’t need their instructions any more. Accede is a magazine built by real women. It’s voice is the voice of women who have learned to trust themselves despite the constant barrage of negative messages. It’s fueled by storytellers, wise mages, and culturally adroit women ... all of whom love being women. It’s a great place to learn. 

Our contributors are all mid-life and above but it’s a magazine for all ages of women. That’s because, once a woman is past a certain age, she seems to no longer matter to the American Culture. It's all about youth. It’s rarely about wisdom, experience, and know-how.

Rosie’s Daughters are outstanding women.

But those women have much more to offer. Rosie’s Daughters is my personal phrase for this particular generation of women. We’re the daughters of the Greatest Generation. Rosie the Riveter is an iconic figure in American history. She represents the women of the WWII generation. Those women — outstanding in their determination, courage and drive — held an entire country together when the world was at war. They accomplished everything from forming professional baseball teams to inventing the basics of Blue Tooth technology.  

Their daughters are just as amazing. Not only do they have the steel spines taught by Rosie, they were present for America’s largest cultural change and upheaval - from the war years of the 40s to the 50s Homemakers, the 60s Go-Go Boots and Hippies, to the 70s “Me” Generation, the Shoulder-Padded 80s, to the Grunge 90s, to the New Millennium 2000s.  All these cultural influences of Rosie’s Daughters make them into a powerhouse of information, wisdom, and insight. There has never been a generation of women quite like them in all of history. 

These women, Rosie’s Daughters, are the talented voices speaking to you from the pages of Accede. Discerning readers will detect a subtext of wisdom in their contributions. Their words are pointers or guideposts to the things in life that truly matter.  These women use words the way a ballerina uses music. They dance with words. They twirl, lift, plié, drift, leap, and bend. It’s a good idea to look beyond the face of their words to find their intended meaning. 

So, if you also love being a woman in all her glory and shining light, then please spend some time with us. We’d love to chat. And tell your friends. This is OUR magazine. Made for women. Completely powered by women. 

Send us your letters. Tell us your thoughts. Contribute a story, a joke, an article, or a verse.


Nancy Mac

“This is good stuff. It’s gorgeous and meaningful. Delightful and drop-dead spot-on for how we women see and feel about ourselves. Above all, read the Humor page! Enjoy and subscribe!”
— Carole Marsh ~ Children's Book Author