Real Women. Real Lives.

Premier Issue - Spring 2019


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Real women. Real lives.

Welcome to Accede Magazine

We’ve built a magazine that’s rooted in a woman’s confidence, creativity, and common sense. It’s not about perfection or fitting into someone else’s idea of the ideal woman. It’s about reality. Real Women. Real Love. Real Lives. The word “Accede” means to join, as in become a member of a community or organization. We hope you’ll join us.

Grey Feathers for the Soul

One of social media’s most successful bloggers with over 400,000 followers, Helena Di Pietro is a gentle soul who is just a little bit shy and exceptionally kind.

Bloom where you’re planted.

Send us your amazing images of where you’re planted in America. Show us her beauty.

A lot of people might have forgotten or, maybe never knew, how amazing is this land of ours. Let’s remind them. Click to find out how!

Spring Fashion from Colorado

Classic style from Fashion Influencer, Beverly Truscheit with Grace, Grit and Glamor. She always has good fashion advice and she shares it with her readers along with a quick wit and a gentle heart.

A Woman in the arts

Her accomplishments are approaching legendary status and she’s making a difference in how women are perceived in the art world where glass ceilings are notoriously impregnable. Find out more about Candace Lovely and how to support a true artist.

The stories of Kintsugi

Mikah Fashion understands that hardship happens but it’s how you handle it that heals you and makes you stronger or leaves you shattered. The Japanese art of Kintsugi shows the way.